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04.07.14> Exciting news: Fans of Science Fiction writer Robert Sheckley, rejoice! This Monday, April 7, at 6:30 pm, the New York Times Review of Science Fiction Readings is holding a tribute to the satirical, philosophical author who inspired Douglas Adams. The event is being held at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, on 138 Sullivan Street in New York City.

Alisa Kwitney (Sheckley) will be reading the existential short story Warm, along with Nebula Award Winning author Michael Swanwick. A panel afterward will feature award winning SF editor Ellen Datlow, author and Temporary Culture publisher Henry Wessells, and psychotherapist and journalist Ziva Kwitney, who was married to Sheckley during his beatnik Greenwich Village phase and his first expat in Majorca phase.

The event is being organized by Jim Freund, host of the Pacifica Radio show Hour of the Wolf and curator of the New York Review of Science Fiction Reading Series. For more information:

12.19.13> Exciting news: Starting in Fall of 2014, Alisa will be teaching the Romance Writing Certificate Program at McDaniel College, following in the footsteps of NY Times Bestselling author Jennifer Crusie. The five-course, online program guides students through the process of creating a complete proposal package for an original, novel-length romance, and can be taken for credits that count toward a masters degree – or without credits, for professional development. You can check out the details here:

McDaniel also offers courses that focus on the literary and cultural aspects of the romance novel at the Nora Roberts Center for American Romance, taught by English professor Pamela Regis, author of A Natural History of the Romance Novel. Curious? Here's the link.

12.30.12> The bad news: My new Avengers book should be on sale
January 9, not January 1. Not sure why, but maybe the Marvel folks are helping out re the fiscal cliff.
>In the meanwhile, come check out my Avengers interview:
New Avengers: Breakout : A Kiss or Kill Dilemma
>Heroes and Heartbreakers is also featuring a sneak peek:
First Look: Alisa Kwitney's New Avengers: Breakout Prose Novel ...

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6.29.10 > A Taste of True Blood: A Fangbanger's Guide is now available! Alisa's essay about True Blood has been included in this newly released book. Order your copy today!

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5.18.10 > House of Mystery #25 is on sale! Alisa contributed to the newly released House of Mystery #25! Look for a copy at your local comic store!

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