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A Taste of True Blood: The Fangbanger's Guide


Also by Alisa Kwitney:

New Avengers Breakout
January 2013

Fantasy/romantic fiction/comics author Alisa Kwitney Flight of Angels, Moonburn) reveals the secret backstory of Avengers couple Hawkeye and the Black Widow. Under secret orders to assassinate the Widow, the rough-edged marksman finds himself caught up in a violent prison break that releases some of the world's most vicious and powerful criminals. Defying his superiors, Hawkeye joins forces with the sultry Russian spy — and with a mismatched group of personalities that include Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, Captain America and Iron Man. Unexpected betrayals and shocking revelations will lead the team from Manhattan's top security Raft prison to the untamed jungle of Savage Land in dramatically different take on Brian Michael Bendis' blockbuster Avengers comics debut. Learn the sizzling backstory of your favorite big-screen heroes in this adaptation, inspired by the best of page and screen!



Flight of Angels
November 2011

Alisa joins bestselling YA author Holly Black (Tithe, the Spiderwick Chronicles), Bill Willingham (Fables), Louise Hawes (The Vanishing Point), and T. D. Mitchell (The Traitor King) to explore the diverse mythology of the celestial in A Flight of Angels. From tales of the dangerous to the all-powerful to guardian angels and angels of death, A Flight of Angels is a gorgeous graphic novel lushly painted by Rebecca Guay.

Deep in the woods outside of a magical kingdom, a strange group of faeries and forest creatures discover a nearly dead angel, bleeding and unconscious with a sword by his side. They call a tribunal to decide his fate, each telling stories that delve into different interpretations of these winged, celestial beings: tales of dangerous angels, all-powerful angels, guardian angels and death angels, that range from the mystical to the mysterious to the macabre.




Destiny: A Chronicle of Deaths Foretold: Four of Alisa's favorite comic book artists contributed to this dark fantasy graphic novel that spans four different historical periods to tell a tale of love and betrayal. Or, Everything You Wanted to Know About the Bubonic Plague (But Were Too Scared to Ask.) DC Comics/Vertigo.



Till The Fat Lady Sings: Alisa's New York Times acclaimed, hard-to-find debut novel. A comedy of manners about food, sex, weight, romance novels and college. HarperCollins, out of print but available from book dealers.